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Can my automatic gate function if there is a power outage?

Yes and no. Most driveway gates can usually still work during a power outage, just not automatically. You can switch to manual mode by engaging the emergency override function (consult your opener's owner's pamphlet if you're not sure how to do that). Some systems have battery back-backup features that allow them to stay operational during power outages for several hours, which can be particularly useful if you're in an urgency.

What are the parts of my gate that need regular check-ups?

Your driveway gate, just like any other complex mechanical system of its size, needs routine maintenance and regular check-ups. You should check the condition hinges or wheels (whichever ones you have) as well as the mounting brackets and screws. See if these parts or the frame or bars have developed rust and apply the appropriate lubricant or coating to make sure they're protected. If you have a wooden gate, check to see if there are parts that are starting to rot, like the pickets or the posts. Any rust or rot you find should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent the situation from exacerbating.

Why are underground motors used in gate openers?

The openers job is to automate the movement of your gate. Some types of systems, like a swing-type system, can have such a unit installed to make them more aesthetically pleasing and less exposed to malfunction-causing factors, like the elements. An underground motor should be protected from water ingress and needs to have adequate drainage to avoid damages. This is a convenient and practical way to automate the movement of your driveway gate.

What's the best type of driveway gate?

The answer really depends on your style preferences, the surrounding conditions and the amount of available space. One isn't better than the other overall, but can be better under certain circumstances. A wrought iron swing gate, for example, needs space to be able to swing inwards or outwards, and will require regular repainting to protect it from rust. A sliding aluminum gate, on the other hand, only needs space to the side of your driveway in order to move, and doesn't require a lot of maintenance. Of course, wrought iron is far stronger than aluminum, and can be fashioned into ornate designs with more curb appeal. However, it will also be heavier, and will cost more. As you can see, the answer varies depending on different factors.

What are some good entrance gate design options for my home?

Most residential driveway owners opt for a double swing gate, as this design provides a good mixture of security and aesthetic value. If your driveway is narrower or you’d prefer a less expensive opener, a single swing system might be a preferable, but otherwise similar, option. Wood and polymer panel systems give you the most privacy, while bars or ranch-style gates can be lighter and easier on the eyes.


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