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Welcome to our latest projects page. Scroll down to read about some recent automatic gate repair jobs our team completed and learn how we go about our business.

Wooden Gate Repair | Glendale | Gate Repair Pasadena

Wooden Gate Repair

Customer Issue: A mysterious hit-and-run incident left Mr. Sparrow’s wooden swing gate broken halfway off on one side.
Our Solution: Testing the hinges and opener revealed them to still be in good condition, somehow. The wooden gate itself was a custom creation, so our team needed to build a new gate flap from hardwood and match it to the remaining side. We took careful measurements, and in a few days of work created the perfect mirror image, which we promptly installed.

Jason Sparrow - Glendale
Gate Intercom Installation | Gate Repair Pasadena, CA

Gate Intercom Installation

Customer Issue: While renovating an old property, Mrs. Erikson found that her gate intercom was in terrible shape and its casing was but crumbling. She decided to have it removed and replaced with a more modern system.
Our Solution: Removing the old intercom system was uncomplicated, as it consisted only of two old fashioned boxes (one at the house and one by the gate), with a wire connecting the two. The new system we installed was a Chamberlain NLS2 wireless intercom with a portable control unit, which she chose from the range of options we presented her with.

Heidi Eriksson - Pasadena
Gate Opener Repair | Gate Repair Pasadena, CA

Gate Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The gate wasn’t responding to remote controls, but it did respond to manual controls.
Our Solution: Upon inspection, our team discovered that the opener was still receiving signals from the remote control, but only from within a range of a few feet. This suggested either a remote or an antenna problem, so our team checked both. Sure enough, the gate responded just fine after we replaced the opener’s fractured antenna.

Able Lachlan - Glendale
Gate Won’t Close | Gate Repair Pasadena, CA

Gate Won’t Close

Customer Issue: After opening to allow access to a customer’s vehicle, Mr. MacDonald’s sliding gate refused to close again.
Our Solution: A troubleshooting inspection of the gate system quickly revealed the problem; a broken roller at the leading edge. After manually releasing the gate, we replaced the damaged component, and then gave the tracks a polish and repaired some bents before testing the system again and ensuring that it worked smoothly.

Samuel MacDonald - Pasadena
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